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Troy Overstreet is a life-long resident of Aiken County. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting in 1989 from the University of South Carolina Aiken. He later obtained a Certified Public Accountant license.

Even before graduating from USC Aiken, Troy began his career with a local accounting firm that eventually merged with Lewellyn & Company. In 2001, Lewellyn and Company merged with the regional firm Cherry Bekaert, LLP. In 2008, Troy became a Partner of Taxation in the Aiken, SC, office specializing in tax services and consulting for individuals, small businesses, and estates and trusts in all areas of taxation, including representation for IRS and state tax audits.

Troy is an active participant in the Aiken Community. He has served as Treasurer for the Habitat for Humanity in Aiken. He also has served as a Reserve Deputy Sherriff for the Aiken County Sheriff’s office. He is a graduate of the Leadership Aiken County Class of 2004, which was responsible for inaugurating the Pacers and Polo fundraiser that occurs annually as part of the Aiken Triple Crown. Troy is also a member of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce.

Troy is married to Jessica Overstreet and is father to Amelia, Sophia and Olivia.


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